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Gal's regular studio and on-stage equipment for music production, songwriting and touring

Gal uses Audix 11 for main vocal microphone, through a Neve 1073 preamp, Gibson acoustic (Songwriter Standard, jumbos SJ 300, Montana Gold flame maple Custom and J-200 Walnut Gibson) and electric guitars (Fender's series Ultra, American Pro II, Vintera, Player and Player Plus Jazzmasters, Jaguars, Meteora, Stratocasters, Mustangs, Telecasters, Gibson Goldtop Custom, Gibson 330 or 135 for open tunings), Gretsch Electromatics, Gibson Mastertone banjo (1981), Weissenborn slide guitar, two 5 Watt Marshall amplifiers, AKG and Line 6 wireless systems for guitars, Fazioli or Steinway grand pianos, Stage Rhodes Mark 7 or Mark 2 plugged into two Fender Twin Reverbs or two Fender Princetons for stereo, Fender Bassman 70 amp for mono, Roland Jazz Chorus 40 amp,  Mellotron M-4000, Hammond organ A-100 (1963) or Hemicord with 251 Leslie, Mauriat alto sax, Armstrong tenor sax (1960), Yamaha soprano sax, King trumpet (1925), King trombones etc.

Gal's usual studio gear for recording: Blue Cactus tube microphone for vocals, Neve 1073 dual EQ preamp, Neve 33315 preamp with EQ's, Amek Neve preamps with EQ, UAD 1176 compressor, SSL G stereo compressor, Neumann SM-23-C, TLM-49, KMS-105 and paired 102's microphones, paired Beyerdynamic ribbon M 130's, Aston Spirit microphones, Senheiser 421's etc.

For studio purposes he also uses a Hammond organs B3, M3 and M-100 with H22 and 760 Leslies, a Yamaha upright piano U2 (1978), stereo paired Fender Princeton Reverb amps, stereo VOX AC30's, stereo Marshall JCM 800, JVM and JCM 900 heads with 4x12 cabinets, various Canadian and American made dulcimers, Eastman's mandocello, Castalia bugarias, bratschs and other tamburitzas, Cuban Tres, Spanish Laud, European made upright basses (1826 & 1948), ukulele bass, violas, different cellos, German made Neupert Harpsicord, Casio GP-500 Grand Hybrid Piano, MOOG Grandmother synth, MOOG Little Phatty, vintage KORG Micropreset synth (1975), KORG Micro-Synth with vocoder, Access TI2 Polar Virus synth, VC340 Vocoder, Yamaha DTX Drums, Zildjian Constantinople series cymbals, Sabian series, various African balaphones, steel drums, Irish tin whistles, glass bowls, native American chrystal and European baroque flutes, mainly Tama Jazz and Pearl Masters Custom drum sets, G. Hidalgo LP congas full set, personal Simon Phillips and Chad Smith snare drums, Avantone, Dynaudio and Yorkville near, middle and far field monitors, Apogee AD and DA and Focusrite converters etc.


Gal records, mixes and does mastering, preferably with Steinberg Cubase 12 program in cooperation with Studio FONO, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe, for final touches and analog outboard summing.

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