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RECIPIENT OF TWO OMA MUSIC AWARDS, Oshawa, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gal has received two Toronto's GTA OMA Music Awards in 2021, for Best Durham song of the year and Best video of the year. Both venerated songs ("Secret" and "I don't want to meet you in Heaven") can be found on his latest double studio album "C" (OSH Publishing Canada).

SUMMER 2021 - TOURING EUROPE, presenting new Canadian music


GAL's name means "wave" in Hebrew, otherwise it is a rare name, taken from Slovene literature, from the novel "The Self-Sown" (written by novelist Prežihov Voranc) ... which suits Gal's character just fine! His last name Gjurin is derived from the name Old Greek Georgios, "GEORGE", which comes from an old ancient Greek root word "Gea" meaning "The (Mother) Earth". Wave The Earther!

Gal's original music spans from acoustic, pop, chanson, americana, jazz, blues, rock, punk, electronic, country, chamber & symphonic music, folk and ethno to freely improvised music - always searching for a new inovative combinations of sounds within the framework of his songs. In 2013-2015 he toured in Europe with the 86-piece symphonic orchestra Cantabile and handwrote cca. 5000 pages of symphonic arrangement scores all by himself.

During all these album recording sessions and concerts he recorded (played) over a hundred (100) different instruments - including all kinds of keys & bass instruments, strings, brass, reeds, aerophones, many kinds of percussions, guitars and guitar related intruments, old-European baroque era instruments, Mediteranean and African instruments, Indian Hindustani and Canada's native instruments etc.

Album "C" is Gal's first official Canadian album, in English, a couple of songs in French, mixing all kinds of musical influences - as he put it in the interviews in early March 2019 (magazines Suzy (58, 59, 60)/The Pilot (14)/The Faces (21)): "It's the way I see Canada. The way I feel it. Colourfull, vast and free. It's my Canada - deep inside me ... You know, the one nobody can take away from you. From my toddlerhood to adulthood."

Being a father of three sons, 15, 12 and 1, he explains his musical background further: "At first we lived with my mother and father in Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A., where the only music being played on the radio was hard-core country! I clearly remember we visited a Native American music and dance festival in Kansas City. Then we went to Ontario, Canada - my Grandma has a very good ear for music, my Grandpa was an passionate hobby musician ... as is my uncle Frank, we still often jam together! The later three worked at our now famous GMC plant in Oshawa for most of their lives. My mother is a terrific singer - although she doesn't want to admit it - and my father used to play accordeon as a kid. He's also great at singing thirds, heh! My sister is one of the most refined singers you can imagine. So, it's like music here, there and all over my family tree."

He continues: "I used to study piano and music theory in Ljubljana: no jazz theory, just straight classical. I wasn't happy with the way they treated me and other young musicians there. Something is wrong with the classical system of teaching music theory. Unfotunately, it was quite a bummer. Too square, at least for my young taste. So my Grandma bought me an acoustic guitar when we were visiting her brother, an accordeonist, in Germany. I just got it refurbished. Well, I started playing bass guitar next month in a punk band - and the rest just went on from there ... And it's still going. I'm having a lot of fun with my sitar and sarod lately. And that's the beauty of music: it has a begining - but it has no end. Album "C" is one of those new fresh beginings. I love this new album. If you are into something fresh, certainly give it a listen!"

As far as the "brands, support and stores" are concerned Gal George uses mostly Borsalino hats from The Hatter's, a neat store on Avenue Rd., North York, Toronto. His favorite all-around music store is Long & McQuade, Simcoe St. North, Oshawa, and his favorite guitar store The TwelveFret on Danforth Ave., Toronto. Gal is also an avid supporter and a money donor for Jazz.FM91, Toronto's jazz radio station, and a proud sponsor of a FIS Slovenian alpine skier Ms. Pika Dvornik.

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